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Diablo 4 Shrines

D4 Shrine Index Shrine Introduction Shrine Effects Shrine Video Guide D4 Shrine Introduction Diablo 4 Shrines provide movement speed along with a temporary buff to your character that last 30 seconds depending on the type of Shrine you touch. Currently, there are 9 different type of Shrines¬†that you may come across while roaming the Sanctuary. …

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Diablo 4 News

D4 Renown System

D4 Renown System Index Introduction to Renown System Where can you find Renown? How many Renowns are available and Tier Bonuses What is the Renown System Introduction The Renown system is an essential part of the game that will allow you to unlock bonus Experience (XP), Gold, Potion Charges, Skill Points, Murmuring Obol Capacity Increases …

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D4 Altars of Lilith

D4 Altar of Lilith Index What is an Altar of Lilith? Purpose How many Altars are there? What is an Altar of Lilith? Altar of Lilith are hidden Lilith looking statues that can either be found while questing or by exploring remote parts of the Sanctuary.  Once you interact with one of these Altars of …

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