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D4 Altars of Lilith

What is an Altar of Lilith?

Altar of Lilith are hidden Lilith looking statues that can either be found while questing or by exploring remote parts of the Sanctuary.  Once you interact with one of these Altars of Lilith, it will provide your character with Experience, Renowns and Attribute Points.

Puprose of Altar of Lilith?

When you interact with an Altar of Lilith, it will grant your character Experience and 10 Renown for that specfiic zone. Additionally, these Altars will grant you a one-time permanent Attribute boost that will be shared across all of your characters on your account. Every Altar of Lilith that you come across will have a Fixed Attribute for that Altar’s location. In other words, the permanent Attribute found in that location will be the same for every player . Keep in mind that permanent Attributes on your Softcore account characters are separate from your Hardcore account characters. If you played Diablo 3, you can think of them kind of like paragon points. This will allow you to create an alt characters quite easily once you have found enough of these. The first time you interact with the an Altar, you will be granted one of the following Attributes

  •  +2 Dexterity
  •  +2 Strength
  •  +2 Willpower
  •  +2 Intellegence
  •  +8 Murmuring Obol Capacity

How many Altar of Lilith?

In the Fractured Peaks zone, there are 28 Altar of Lilith. Given that there are about the same amount of Altars in each zone, we can guess there will be appoximately 140 Altars of Lilith throughout the five zones.