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D4 Shrine Introduction

Diablo 4 Shrines provide movement speed along with a temporary buff to your character that last 30 seconds depending on the type of Shrine you touch. Currently, there are 9 different type of Shrines that you may come across while roaming the Sanctuary. When in a party, all party members must individually touch the shrine to gain its effect. 

Shrine Effects

Conduit Shrine – You are the storm’s fury made manifest”

  • Become a ball of lightning to shock and surge through enemies based on your Weapon DPS

Greed ShrineWherever the brave strike, riches follow”

  • Enemies drop Gold when hit and you automatically pick up Gold from farther away.

Artillery Shrine – “Divine weapons abet the worthy.”

  • Your Attack Speed is increased and all attacks summon holy arrows.

Blast Wave Shrine – “Arcane power brings destruction”

  • You periodically explode, damaging enemies around you.

Channeling Shrine – “Endless harmony dwells within”

  • Your skills cost no resource and have reduced cooldown.


Lethal Shrine – “Fate guides the deft hand to strike true”

  • All of your skills deal more Damage and Critically Strike.

Protection Shrine – “Faith is the shield against darkness”

  • You are Invulnerable (Your character can NOT die) and Unstoppable (Your Character will have all control impairing effects removed and prevented)

Cursed Shrine 

  • You will need to slay waves of enemies before you can gain the buff of the cursed shrine. Once you have cleared the waves, a bonus chest containg loot will appear. Grab the shrine buff thereafter

Defaced Shrine 

  • You will somtimes find these type of shrines located in Dungeons and it will be labeled Defaced Shrine Base. You will need to repair the base using a Defaced Shrine Cap, which is usually found within the vicinity. Place the Cap onto the shrine (this will channel for 4 seconds). Once complete you can use the shrine as you normally would 

Shrine Video Guide

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